Princess Valentina Laughing! ;) <3 (em Londres)

Princess Valentina Laughing! ;) <3 (em Londres)

“A felicidade só é verdadeira quando compartilhada.”

Quote from: Into The wild 
“She may not want the whole truth, but she does want the real you. She may not want to see it all at once, but she does want to see it.”

From the Movie! Hitch 
Love him ;)

Love him ;)

I Love Her ♥

I Love Her 

Mary-Kate &amp; Ashley-Olsen They Are Beautifull ;)

Mary-Kate & Ashley-Olsen They Are Beautifull ;)

Awww cute ;D

Awww cute ;D

Love this Music Is So beautiful  


Maggie Q Interview ;)


Lyndsy Fonseca ;&#8217;)

Lyndsy Fonseca ;’)


“I’m Glad that your with me” 

(Source: oh-donoghues)

I Love him ♥♥

I Love him 

“Anyone who wants to succeed in life to do as the wise men: That even with the broken soul, have a smile on his lips.”

Dinamor .